Fresh, locally grown mushrooms are incredibly hard to find. There are very few growers in Australia and the unfortunate fact is that most of what is available has been imported from other countries.

Our goal is to make fresh, locally grown mushrooms available to everyone so we can reduce the carbon footprint involved with importing and offer the best possible product to the Australian market.

If you haven’t tried fresh mushroom varieties such as Shiitake, Oyster and Lion’s Mane, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the variety and depth of flavours available.

At Naturemade we strive to always improve, advance and to give back to the community and nature itself. Our grow rooms are mostly solar powered. We have long-term goals to use mycelium and fungi to recycle plastics and clean up chemicals, as well as, to produce materials to substitute plastics, foams and conventional packaging.

We love and believe in locally produced foods and goods, hence our products are 100% Western Australian made from 100% Western Australian materials. We believe in making everything from scratch ourselves. We do not know of any large mushroom growers in WA that produce their own spawn and substrate.

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