Spores are just like little ‘seeds’ which most species of mature mushrooms release, generally through/from their body and cap.

Spores are the easiest way to create/make copies of mushroom bodies, however, they are most likely full of contaminants and contain hundreds or thousands of concurrent variations of that strain (in other words, they are fighting with each other as well as fighting with the contaminants.

Ideally you would want to throw those spores into a water agar petri dish in front of a flow hood or any super sterile/clean environment in order to clean the culture by transferring into new agar plates several times to finally get a clean and strong culture without so many competitors.

Growing from spores is generally a very slow process with very low yields. Most grains would take ages to fully colonize with a very high likelihood to show contamination before the end of its colonization period.

If that is all you have got and do not want to learn further or work harder, I would say for you to go for it! Any mushroom is better than nothing, and it can always be the beginning and incentive you need anyway.

We would advise otherwise though, and recommend you find a clean liquid culture and/or petri dish made from proper agar work or extracted from a liquid culture batch from someone with more experience who is using proper sterile techniques.

It is very easy to find good liquid culture (starter culture) online and probable within your local community.

One of the easiest ways to make a spore print from a fresh mushroom would be just to lay it over a hard paper or aluminum foil with the gills facing towards the paper and cover it with a glass to keep contaminants away and humidity inside.

In 24hrs you should have a beautiful print from your favorite fresh mushroom. It works really well with oyster mushrooms for example, which tend to release heaps of spores.